Piano tuning and servicing

Piano tuning and servicing

Every acoustic piano needs regular tuning and regulation twice a year.

A perfectly tuned and regulated piano is a necessity  for enjoyment and ability to prepare for  the Conservatory exams.

Pianos, like fine works of art, can suffer ongoing and costly deterioration from their environment, regardless of use.
Over time, damage from seasonal extremes can devastate a piano inventory, perhaps beyond the resources and abilities available to restore, much less replace it. Piano Control Systems provide an automatic and continuous protection from the effects of humidity changes, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This is a remarkably cost-effective solution to extending the critical life span of a piano inventory.

If the piano is constantly forced far off pitch by shrinking and swelling of the soundboard (caused by too-low or too-high humidity), the piano cannot hold tuning.

The tuning of any stringed instrument, which relies on the resonance of wood for tone, is always at the mercy of climate. However, a piano’s unique design, spanning more than seven octaves, responds to humidity-change quite unevenly, often resulting in vast distortions of musical pitch from range to range. Left unprotected, the most carefully- crafted tuning, is entirely defenseless against seasonal, daily and even momentary fluctuations of humidity. The Piano Life Saver solves the mystery of pitch stability, providing a stable foundation for tunings that last.

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  • Protect your investment by having Climate Control System installed out of sight, inside your piano.
  • Professional installation is available and comes with 5 year warranty coverage.
  • The Climate Control System provides a consistent climate inside piano, keeping the humidity level constant year round in any climate or environment.

More than 40 years of piano tuning and 20 years of Climate Control System installation experience.

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