Susan Vanderkruk

Dear Mr. Karan:

I wanted to write this letter to you, since you’ve been such a big part of our lives and our time together, as we know it, is coming to an end.

I know that God put you into our lives. Just over 11 years ago, when I wanted to start Bryan in music lessons, I felt cello was the instrument for him, but Rick wanted him to start piano since we had a grand in the house that was not being used. I prayed about it since I was not settled in my heart about which way to go. The very next day, I was talking to Pauline Mobach about my dilemma and she told me how she was having a teacher come to her house who taught Suzuki or traditional lessons. I knew this was my answer to prayer, and thus you arrived in our lives!! So you did not come by chance, but by God’s leading.

Bryan has been given an incredible ability in his piano playing and musicality. If this had not been fostered properly, we don’t know how far and capably he would have gone. Bryan’s gifts we thank God for, but we know that you were the instrument God used.

You are a tremendous musician, but there are many of those out there. In fact, in our greater Hamilton area there are many top quality pianists. But being a great pianist does not make a great teacher. I know that from experience in the violin field.

As a teacher, you are in my estimation, one of the very best! I cannot totally express my thoughts adequately, but I will try. God has used you, tremendously, in Bryan’s life, not only as teacher but as a mentor. He has always had immense respect for you, as a teacher and musician, but also as a man to look up to and aspire to.

What you have taught and given to Bryan is not something that will ever cease to be. The lessons may be over, but he will carry in his heart and mind all that you have taught throughout the rest of his life. Maybe some day he will want to return and get his ARCT, but for now he will use it for church and other family projects.

I too, will miss you and want to thank you for what I as a teacher have learned from you. Even though we teach different instruments, I have been inspired through you and been able to use this in my teaching. I still feel you should do workshops or master classes for other teachers, since you have an incredible ability to show and help children understand how to play the piano and truly make music! This is a wonderful gift you’ve been given and we are thankful to God how He used you in our lives.

Our love and respect for you, Mr. Karan, will always be treasured in our hearts and we hope that you will remember us with love as well.

Love always,

Susan Vanderkruk