Mario Milazzo

Mario Milazzo

I am passionate about classical music and learning to play the piano has been a dream of mine.  I started taking lessons at Leon’s Music Studio in 1997 as a 33-year-old adult beginner and I am currently in Levels 10 and ARCT  of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Leon instructs, inspires, and motivates students through his teaching.  He has that rare knack of imparting to a student the qualities of music appreciation, the joy of learning, and the drive and desire to progress. With his pedagogical experience, Leon encourages students to understand the meanings of each passage and to pay attention to the harmonies and structure of the music – it is evident that he takes his profession seriously. He communicates this commitment creatively, intelligently, and with enthusiasm.

I enjoy studying with him as he is a meticulous teacher who is passionate about the art of music. He makes piano playing pleasurable, and heightened my confidence and sense of achievement.

The annual  Leon’s Music Studio recitals are  wonderful and engaging experience for all students to play in and includes many of  students who have won awards and major prizes in various competitions and festivals.  These recitals are a rewarding moment for every parent to witness.

Thank you so much for your patience, Leon!

You are a wonderful and inspiring piano teacher.

May 30, 2016