Eva Robinson

Subject: Music Pedagogy Course

Dear Faculty and Staff,

It was my pleasure recently to attend the first Music Pedagogy Course offered in conjunction with McMaster University and the Leon Karan Music Studio. May I commend you on supporting and encouraging Mr. Karan with following his vision of educating and supporting music teachers at large to be able to more effectively teach and inspire their

This program was fabulous, and each night sped by as Mr. Karan engaged wonderful lecturers to come and teach us each night. The quality of lecturers was outstanding, and the amount of information I learned far exceeded my expectations before I began the course. I have already begun implementing many of the things I have learned in the
lessons I am teaching, and have been rewarded with bright smiles and glowing eyes.

The strength of this course, I believe, is that it is being offered to the broader spectrum of music teachers, not only those attending McMaster University. As we learn to teach more enthusiastically and more engagingly, we trust that this “grass roots” approach will encourage more and more students to continue studying music and the music literacy in our culture will improve.

Thank you once again for encouraging and supporting Mr. Karan in this long-overdue initiative.


Eva Robinson