Anthony Hunt

Music lessons

Leon is an amazing pianist, teacher, and mentor. His genuine excitement and motivation to find interesting pieces that allow students to realize their potential is unparalleled. I’ve found that his teachings have had a substantial and direct impact on my playing.

I feel that one of the most significant aspects of Leon’s teaching is his mastery of music. Every time I heard him play (whether it was to demonstrate a new concept or to introduce a new piece), I felt inspired to improve my own playing to try and reach that high level of musicality. Quite simply, Leon has the ability to emphasize and display precise musical qualities that are often overlooked by many aspiring pianists, and he is able to clearly explain how to manipulate the piano to achieve a new level of playing. His deep knowledge of the piano and years of experience are evident in his teaching.

Finally, I want to express my sincere thanks for your lessons this year. I truly appreciate all of your patience, effort, hard work, and experience in talking about music and demonstrating the significance of the finer aspects of music.

Anthony Hunt,

McMaster University

May 6, 2023