Teaching online

On March 12th, Ontario Ministry of Education announced the closure of all schools from March 14th due to concerns about COVID-19.

To ensure uninterrupted learning process during this time, many schools initiated remote teaching and learning.

Learning music needs daily practice and weekly instructions. We are offering online classes that are very effective and interactive. We would like to encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity and to enroll in learning process.

We are offering Skype platform for lessons. It is free and easy to set up. It could be fun and enjoyable learning experience.
We could send you invitations for contact and all you do – just accept it. Or, you could make a request by yourself.

All you need is a cell phone, a tablet with stand to keep it in proper, convenient position or, a laptop. (It is better on the right hand side of the keyboard because compressed stream is cutting the high pitch frequencies the most.) It would be convenient for teachers if you sent scanned music scores to teachers before lessons as well.

And yes, there is an advantage in situation because you learn more.

Lessons learned from COVID-19

For decades, we have wandered into consumer illusions, destroying the lives of future generations. We have transformed ourselves into global machines of overproduction and displeasure.

Nature is actually trying to help us. It is no coincidence that the virus forces us to build a healthier life, a more responsible relationship, to abandon unnecessary production, to take care of each other. We need to learn and appreciate more human values in our life.

So why not to come back for better values in our life?

Let’s begin to consume two, three times less goods – but we, our children and grandchildren will have a healthy, calm life, full of other joys, much more creative, enduring, and universal. A common misfortune could become a springboard to common success.

Music is a proven window to opportunity of enjoyment, building creative working skills and enjoyable way of living throughout generations.