Distinction Awards 2013

My reflection after receiving distinction awards in year 2013.

We are now enjoying 34 more years life expectancy compared to what it was 300 years ago.

As I look back, I would divide my life into three major time periods:

The first one, up to my 28th year, was my education, which is actually an on-going process. The second one, up to my 55th year, was procreation.  Now, I am exploring new life adventures.

The question is how? Given Canada’s life expectancy:  81.1 years, and per capita income:  $35.369 (Source: Macleans Magazine, Jan 2013 issue), we can spend more time on leisure according to Statistics Canada. I have discovered that the definition, the meaning of the word “leisure”  in Greek, “scole“ (Σχολείο) is learning. Yes, it is the same as the English word “school.”  By the way, the word “disciplina” is a neat Latin word for learning as well. The vision of pleasurable learning activity with some “disciplina” goes hand-in-hand with the emotional experience that accompanies music. Indeed, music serves as an emotional mirror of our life events, still providing learning challenges as you go deeper into exploring the Arts.

I consider myself lucky because it is my life-time hobby as well as my occupation!  I do enjoy learning new methods in teaching, new gadgets and computer innovations, but the most wonderful learning experiences I get are from interaction with students, colleagues and people around me. I am witnessing people coping with aging and still demonstrating a positive approach in their lives while overcoming some difficulties.   It is impressive and inspiring at the same time.

As we age, we are more disposed to getting deeper insight into the things that interest us. We learn and discover new depths in life and the Arts, which are definitely interconnected. For example, Beethoven took a 51-second, long, popular waltz created by the composer and publisher, Diabelli, and created a 15-minute, stunning masterpiece by the end of his life when he was already very ill and deaf. Let`s keep climbing and looking for opportunities to enjoy our lives fully. As baby boomers and seniors, we are trying to learn how to maximise any potential enjoyment of our life extension.

Both the “Shem Tov” – volunteer “Good Name”   from the Hamilton Jewish Federations and the Special Teacher from ORMTA Awards of the Year 2013 belong to the people around me. They are my inspiration and driving force, and I am grateful for that gift from them!

Thank you!

Leon Karan

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